To complete your Application for Admission to GEMBI please click on the link below http://s3.amazonaws.com/mfdownload.myflock2.com/church1598/GEMBIApplication.docx (word format)

  After you have completed your Application for Admission you may print and mail it along with your: registration fee, copies of certificates from previous institutions or schools. The non-refundable registration fee of $120.00


GEM Bible Institute is an exciting opportunity for believers to learn about what they believe, for teachers to teach   more effectively, for preachers to master the skills of good preaching, for those with a heart for the unsaved to learn more about missions and evangelism.

The Bible Institute can also help church leaders develop a spiritual approach toward their responsibilities, and can equip counselors to learn Biblical principles and methods to better help people. We are designed to help train Todays Christian for more effective service.                                                                       

   Welcome to GEM  Bible Institute!  I am glad you have joined us in your pursuit of higher education   to equip yourself for  service in God’s Kingdom. Your desire to study the Word of God shows that you do not take the preaching of the gospel for granted and that you are in obedience to God’s word, “study to show yourself approved” and “be always ready to defend the faith”.

I once heard a gentleman who was an elder in his church and a member for over fifty years remarked how ashamed he was that he could not ask his pastor a biblical question, he was afraid his pastor might not have been able to give him an answer. That is so true of many pastors today, because they have not spent time in God’s word.  Let me hope that what you will learn at GEM Bible Institute will enable you to interpret the Word with power and authority.

As you get started, let me encourage you to:  Do your best to complete and submit that first  assignment; always engage your professor who will be of great help to you along the way; speak to your Dean or an adviser  with any concerns you may have.

We are available to answer any question regarding your enrolment  in this institution.

Again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to challenge you and for allowing God to use us in His plan to equip you.

To download the Student Hand Book please 

click the link below 


In Christ,


Rev. Ray S. Clarke

Pr   esident     




Daily Bible Verse 9/19/2020
The advice of the wise is like a life-giving fountain; those who accept it avoid the snares of death. Proverbs 13:14

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